Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Demi Lovato Says She's Still Happily Engaged to Her 5-Year-Old Fan, Will Wait 13 Years to Get Married

Did you hear the news? Demi Lovato is engaged, to a five-year-old fan that is.

Last month, an adorable young boy named Grant caught the attention of the "Heart Attack" singer as she performed live. Thanks to a giant sign that read, "I have a ring for you," Lovato couldn't help but bring the brave guy up onstage.

Once the spotlight was on him, Grant had one special request. "Will you marry me?" he asked Lovato. "I will," she replied as the crowd erupted in applause.

So what's the status on this fun and innocent relationship today? They're obviously still going strong!

"I'm engaged," she said on Monday's Ellen DeGeneres Show. "We have to wait a little while before the marriage." And by a little while, she means 13 years.

"He brought a ring," she added. "It was made out of green pipe cleaner and a green fuzzy ball." At least he showed a little effort, right?

All jokes aside, Lovato is in a healthy relationship with longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. In fact, the twosome celebrated Halloween together in quite the memorable costumes.

"I went as Lucille Ball," Lovato shared with Ellen DeGeneres. "I did my own makeup by the way. I drew my lips up to here."

Wilmer was just as clever with his portrayal of Desi as they both attended Jennifer Lopez's special Halloween bash.

"Me, @JLo & @TheNewClassic who had me dying tonight with that costume," Lovato shared on Instagram after attending the bash. "Very fun party tonight....#HappyHalloween."

Sorry Demi, but we're still siding with Iggy Azalea's White Chicks outfit as best costume of the year.

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