Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Chris Brown Won't Apologize for His Rant Against Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton, Karrueche Tran Weighs In

The drama is still going strong between Chris Brown, Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton.

In fact, late last night the rapper's on-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran took to Instagram to add her two cents to the mix--and he reposted the message on his own social media page.

"Unlike most of you...I could care less about the opinions of others..Drama doesn't amuse me--so yes @TamarBraxton I do have a voice, just not like yours..However my bf I can't speak for," Karrueche began by saying.

"We all know he has no chill. Have you ever thought to yourself how it may feel being judged for everything you do and half the time people have no clue what is going on...If you can dish it, you gotta be able to take it."

She concluded her rant with a final message to all the haters out there:

"A lot of you mistake my quietness for stupidity, and that's fine because I don't care what you think. Anyways--I'm not here for the drama. What do you gain from the names that you call me?"

Karruche's last question is a lyric from singer-songwriter Banks' track "Drowning."

And after Brown reposted a screengrab of her words, along with the caption, "She a lot nicer than me," Rob Kardashian gave his stamp of approval by liking the photo.

And as we all know, Kardashian and Bailon certainly didn't end on good terms, and have spoken since their relatively public breakup in 2009.

All this drama got started when Bailon and Braxton spoke about Brown and Tran's relationship on the daytime talk show The Real.

Brown slammed the two immediately following their TV chat in several lengthy posts on Instagram but has since gained some perspective over his war of words.

"Yesterday's roast was amusing to some and disrespectful to others. All in all the whole s--t was childish," he wrote this morning.

"I say what I feel and what I want especially if anyone has an opinion about me and mine. Somedays I'll be cool and then other days ima roast ya ass. So this isn't an apology for yesterday. Just a reflection. People, live ya life, you'll mess around and go blind looking at me all the time."

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