Friday, 14 November 2014

Chelsea Handler Calls Kim Kardashian a ''Cutie Pie'' in Full-Frontal Naked Pic on Instagram

One day after Chelsea Handler spoofed Kim Kardashian's NSFW bare booty Paper magazine cover but posting a photo of her own butt online, the 39-year-old comedian took to Instagram to promote Kim's new full-frontal naked shot in a direct violation of the site's no-nudity policy.

Handler posted the 34-year-old E! star's risqué pic unedited (boobs, nipples and everything else!) with the caption, "What...a cutie pie."  The full-frontal photo already had nearly 20,000 likes before being deleted shortly after it was posted to Instagram.

The full-frontal pic comes after Handler mocked Kim's booty pic by pulling down her thong and baring her butt on Instagram.

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