Monday, 3 November 2014

Amanda Bynes Steps Out Once Again at Her Favorite Diner, Only Eats Watermelon During Visit

If there's one thing Amanda Bynes loves, it appears to be the tasty food that comes from local diners.

The troubled actress proved to be quite the creature of habit as she made her third visit to Mel's Diner in West Hollywood, Calif., in a matter of three days.

"She was very quiet and timid," a source told E! News when describing Bynes' demeanor Saturday afternoon. "She was trying to avoid being photographed."

During her visit that lasted a "couple of hours," Bynes was joined by a male friend as they stayed at their designated table.

"She wasn't doing anything too distracting to the other customers," a source added.

And if you were wondering what the former Nickelodeon star ate while dining in, the answer may surprise you.

"She only ate watermelon," the insider confirmed to E! News. Yes, even with plenty of options including breakfast items, burgers, sandwiches, desserts and sides, Bynes simply chose to chow down on the juicy fruit.

Bynes' visit to the diner comes as the actress remains under a temporary conservatorship that was reinstated last week. The order gives her mom Lynn Bynes control once again over her finances and medical decisions until a future hearing set for February 24, 2015.

Before being released, Bynes was on an involuntary psychiatric hold at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, Calif. She arrived October 10 after briefly staying in New York City.

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Those following the story may have been surprised to discover Bynes was a free woman once again. But according to Mina Sirkin, an estate, probate and trust attorney in Los Angeles, some patients have "a right to say why she should not be in an involuntary hold."

"She has the right to have her own expert psychiatrist testify as to why she should not be held against her wishes," Sirkin, who is not involved with Bynes' case, shared with E! News. "Mary Shea [Bynes' court-appointed attorney] is a very capable public defender. She will hire the top psychiatrist to show that Amanda is not so impaired to need to be in a secured facility. She will display her as merely eccentric."

And even though the hold was technically extended, Bynes ultimately had the right to argue her case and was released.

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