Thursday, 6 November 2014

Amanda Bynes Caught Sleeping at Local Mall, Says She Doesn't Have Enough Money for a Hotel

Amanda Bynes is going to new lengths to get some shut-eye.

Shortly after photos were released by TMZ showing the troubled actress sleeping on a couch at the Beverly Center shopping mall in Los Angeles, she took to Twitter to explain herself and her current living situation.

"I was not given money for a hotel so I have been staying with friends and I didn't get enough sleep last night so I fell asleep on a couch @ the Beverly center and a paparazzi snuck in and took pictures of me," she began.

"FYI! I hate my parents for still not giving me money for a hotel. What is wrong with them? My lawyer is working to have them fully removed from being my conservator, because they don't deserve control over my money - They are miserable in their life and I will fight to get control of my finances taken away from them!"

A source tells E! News that Amanda's mother, Lynn, who was previously granted a conservatorship over her daughter's financial decisions pending a hearing set for early next year, will be stepping down as Amanda's personal conservator.

A professional conservator will be brought in to take care of Amanda's daily needs, in terms of medical decisions, while Lynn will remain on board as conservator in charge of her daughter's estate.

Bynes announced on Twitter earlier this week that she has been diagnosed as "bipolar and manic depressive," and sounded off on her conservatorship.

"I'm so mad at my parents," the actress began in her latest Twitter rant. "They are with holding my belongings and money from me so I don't have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment."

The original conservatorship hearing was held while the She's the Man actress was hospitalized on an involuntary psychiatric hold (she was later released on Oct. 31).

Credits: E!

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