Thursday, 16 October 2014

WWE Total Divas' Ariane and Her Boyfriend Literally Can't Stop Calling Each Other "Babe"

Every couple has their thing, whether it be a cute pet name or some other little phrase they use to indicate affection and love for one another.

When it comes to WWE Diva Ariane and her boyfriend Vinnie, they just can't stop using the word "babe"! But has it turned into an obsession for the couple?

Whether they're hanging out together, on vacation or out with friends, this couple can barely go 30 seconds without uttering the word to each other!

And it doesn't matter if they're fighting, laughing or just loving on each other--no matter the cause or occasion, you can bet that the word "babe" is going to be dropped before you even have a second to question it.

From Ariane's pouty "baaaaabe" to Vinnie saying "baby" in the way that he does when he's upset, it's always hilarious watching these two go at it!

Can you guess how many times they use the word?

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