Thursday, 30 October 2014

Why The Vampire Diaries' Sociopathic, Family-Murdering Witch Kai Is the Most Dangerous Villain Yet

There's been a ton of murder, destruction and general mayhem on The Vampire Diaries over the past five seasons, and we have some amazing villains to thank for that.

From Katherine to the Originals to Silas to the Brotherhood of the Five to the countless vampires, witches and werewolves (and even humans) who have made life difficult for our favorite Mystic Falls residents, it can be hard to pick which one was the most dangerous for Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Co.

But the more we learn about Kai (The Carrie Diaries' heartthrob Chris Wood), the sociopathic, serial-killing, family-murdering, guilt-free witch trapped with Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) in a prison world stuck in 1994, the more we realize that he might be the most dangerous villain yet.

"I'm biased a bit, but I think that Kai is probably the most intelligent villain to have graced the show," Wood told E! News. "Villains are usually pretty smart in order to get themselves in and out of trouble but Kai is a different form of genius and that's obvious from these first few episodes--waiting to introduce himself to Bonnie and Damon for months, the way he tricked and coaxed Bonnie's magic out of her, the way he vervained the bourbon knowing Damon would drink it, all those things lead us to believe that he's pretty observant and smart. And intelligence is dangerous in the wrong hands."

And it doesn't help matters that Kai is pretty much certifiably insane. Literally.

"His unpredictability and the fact that he can go from zero to 60 in any direction, be it joy or rage, makes him just really hard to peg," Wood said. "You can't ever assume how he's going to react or know what he's thinking. That makes him one of the most dangerous villains to ever be on the show."

But the real question is: was Kai, full name Malachi of the Gemini coven of witches, born that way or did something make him that way?

"He could very well have complete justification for his actions or he could not and just be sociopathic and psychotic," Wood teased. "My favorite word to describe him is erratic. He's the very definition of that word and we'll see more and more how that's Kai's middle name."

Wood credits the TVD writers for making Kai so magnetic that even when he's admitting to mass-murdering all of his siblings in gruesome detail, fans still want him around.

"I think that he truly is deliciously evil," Wood said. "He's hilarious in a way that the writers have found a nice balance of comedy and darkness. He's entertaining to watch, and I love his apathetic, villainous quips. He's an engaging nemesis for Damon to go up against because he's so similar and so unaffected by Damon. That's one of the most beautiful parts about him. He's a new force in this world that no one has really seen yet."

And fans will get to see much more of him going forward, including learning more about his mysterious (and disturbing) past.

"We're going to learn more about his past and why that day is significant to him, why he massacred his family on that day, what happened with his coven and his powers and why his family viewed him as an abomination," Wood revealed. "There's obviously something going on there that has created this resistance in him that makes him so hell bent on revenge. I think he is truly a sociopath, but also circumstances caused him to snap and we'll definitely learn more about that."

But before we dive into Kai's past, Bonnie and Damon have to deal with him in the present...not an easy feat.

"This week, the main thing that's going on is the attempt to get out of there now that Kai's gotten Bonnie's magic back, as he would say, since he coaxed it out of her by torturing Damon! That was a clever and complicated way of doing it," Wood said. "But he's going to prep them on what needs to be done to get out using the eclipse and the ascendant and Bonnie's magic. Kai has the spell that Bonnie needs to do to get home and he won't give it to her until he's r

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