Thursday, 23 October 2014

Taylor Swift's Biggest Fear Revealed...and It's Totally Bizarre

While many folks are afraid of spiders and snakes, Taylor Swift's biggest fear is far fishier.

Namely, the 24-year-old pop star is terrified of sea urchins. And yes, we're serious.

The "Shake It Off" singer recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (the episode airs on Monday), where she shared what scares her the most (and it's not just sea urchins!) in addition to dishing on Adam Levine's biggest weakness.

"They're like a grenade," the blond beauty says of sea urchins, explaining why she finds the creature to be so creepy. "They're sitting there waiting to completely injure you."

"You can't see a sea urchin if you in the Caribbean," Swift continues, determined to prove her point. "You're like this water is so beautiful and amazing...and then you step on one and it has barbs and it goes into whatever it touches, and then you have to go into the emergency room and get it surgically removed. You could lose your foot, you could lose your hand, you could lose your hand trying to get it off your foot." 

After Ellen's response to Swift's head-scratching confession was simply a perplexing stare, the singer quietly added, "I don't like sea urchins." 

As for what else the "Fearless" singer is afraid of? Surprisingly enough, the kindhearted crooner with a squeaky clean image is terrified of "getting framed." 

"Oh so many people would frame me," she says, completely convinced. "And they can frame you for any crime that you could go to jail for. Look at me, I wouldn't survive in jail. I think it comes from the fact that I could open up my phone, I could look at my phone and see any headline written about me at any time and it could be the most ridiculously untrue thing. So I think the dream and nightmare of being framed comes from: I could do nothing wrong, I could sit in my house with the cats all day and somehow there could be an article about me buying a house in a place I've never been or dating a guy I've never met. So, it's like, ya know, but then you take it a step further and in a nightmare world it's being framed for murder." 

To which Ellen replies, "I don't think that's a step. That's a leap. But anyway I think you're fine. I think you would have fans in prison and they would take care of you." (No doubt, there are some Swifties in the big house.)

Swift, who serves as the mega-mentor on The Voice this season, also shared couch Adam Levine's weakness. 

"Adam Levine's weakness is musical theatre songs..." she revealed. "It's to the point that if you sing songs from Rent you can actually render Adam Levine helpless on the floor." 

She then begins to belt out the tune "Seasons of Love," noting that Levine would shriek in pain. 

"He can't even run away because he's so weak," she says. 

"Well, ladies, if you're ever trying to catch him...start singing a song," Ellen replies. "You've helped a lot of people." 

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