Thursday, 23 October 2014

Taylor Swift Reveals Full 1989 Track List! Plus, Check Out the Lion King Mashup With Out of the Woods

After days of teasing us with bits and pieces of songs from her upcoming album, Taylor Swift has finally revealed her entire track list for 1989!

Earlier today she posted an image of the 13 songs, showing off their order and titles, along with a photo of herself underneath--we're just going to go ahead and assume that this is the back of her album jacket.

In addition to the fabulous news coming from the Grammy-winning songstress today, there was also a mashup released based off of her second single, "Out of the Woods," and The Lion King's "Circle of Life."

It's amaze, we promise.

Chambaland did a bang-up job of mixing the two songs together; to create what seems like the perfect mix of Disney and T.Swift all in one.

And it's undoubtedly been a big week for the singer...

Earlier today we reported that she topped the Canadian version of iTunes after a glitch in the system caused one of her tracks to leak online.

The shocking part was that the leak was a mere eight seconds of static noise...and no signs of the singer's famous voice at all.

But despite the lack of, well, anything on the actual tiny track, it still managed to beat out her other three singles off of her upcoming album for the top spot.

"Welcome to New York," "Shake It Off," and "Out of the Woods" landed in the second, third and eighth spots, respectively.

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