Monday, 13 October 2014

Selena Gomez Rates Herself a 7, Reveals Why She Can Finally "Walk Around Naked".

It's been a year of changes for Selena Gomez: New label, new manager and a new house!

On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Monday, the 20-year-old singer-actress talked about the perks of having her own place for the first time, joking, "Yeah, I can, like, walk around naked now and stuff!"

"That's why you live alone," Ellen quipped. "That's why you pay a mortgage!"

Really, though, Selena likes the independence that comes from not living with an authority figure. "Honestly, I just enjoy not being able to have to check in all the time," she said, clarifying, " mom is the sweetest ever, so even now she checks in on me. She's like, 'I see online you're here. are you OK?' and I'm like, 'I'm fine, mom, I promise!' But I think that's just the best thing, being able to go into my own space..."

Selena does have a roommate. "One of my best friends from Texas," she said, but the move has definitely given her some space to reflect. Ellen asked her, on a scale of 1 to 10, where she'd rank her self-improvement progress over the last year.  Selena's response? "I'm a 7."

"This year's been--I have been doing this so long that people tend to forget--they're like, 'Be yourself, be yourself,' and I'm still trying to figure out who that is," she said. "I know I'm not perfect, but I know I have a lot of people that support me and love me, and I don't want to let anyone down, so I try to be the best I can be."

BFF Taylor Swift seems to have found herself in New York, which is precisely why she's on a mission to get Selena there. "She wants to kidnap me. She's been begging me every time we get on the phone, 'cause it's been a really good thing for her," the Wizards of Waverly place star star explained. "You know, we've been friends for seven years and she really feels like she kind of stepped into her own and became a woman there, and she's like, 'All right, your turn!'"

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