Friday, 17 October 2014

Scandal's Sex Shockers: Is Another One Coming?!

Brace yourselves, TGIT fans.

We can't reveal exactly what's going to go down, but sources tell us that there will be a "super racy moment" on Scandal tonight.

To prepare you--and because it's TGIT, yo!--we've put together a list of Scandal's raciest moments of all time, spanning all the way back to season one. Face-licking, finger-sucking, closet-macking know the drill.

Oh, and speaking of drills, we can't say whether the moment involves Huck and Quinn, but here's what Katie Lowes had to say when we last chatted, that leads us to believe that something is on the way... "I can say that yes, there have already been things that top last season. I can't say if they are of sexual nature or not, but there are definitely Huckleberry Quinn scenes coming up that have been some of the most interesting things I've ever had to do."

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