Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pink Reveals Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Has a Potty Mouth: "She's an Adorable Little Sailor.''

Well, this sounds pretty damn cute. 

Pink (real name Alecia Moore) stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, where she revealed that her only child--3-year-old daughter Willow Sage--just so happens to swear like a sailor. 

After the 35-year-old singer admitted that her mini-me with hubby Carey Hart is "totally nuts" and "fearless"--"she gets that from papa," the pop star revealed--Ellen pressed the singer to confess how her daughter "gets a potty mouth" from her mama. 

"She does not have a potty mouth. She almost had a potty mouth," the "So What" singer said with a smile. 

The mother of one then shared a hilarious anecdote about her little girl after DeGeneres reassured the hitmaker that "we'll bleep" all the bad words little Willow exclaimed. 

"OK, I was getting ready to go out on stage, and she ran in, and she must have been preparing this, like a bit. And she came and she said,  'I'm f--king here,'" the singer revealed, waving her arms with glee while imitating her little girl. "And I was like I'm sorry, I can't. My ears don't understand what you're saying."

(Side note: Can we please get a home video of a similar silly moment?)

"Wow, and then you don't want to make a big deal out of it 'cause she's going to keep saying it, so..." Ellen replied. 

"She mutters it when she thinks no one is looking," Pink admitted, bursting into a fit of giggles. 

"But it's so cute," the doting parent continued. "I mean, I'm not encouraging it, but, come on, it's like this little 3-year-old body, and then just..." she said, making a wide-eyed expression. 

As for Ellen's take on the duo's daughter? "She's a precious little sailor," the comedienne said with a grin. 

Meanwhile, Pink is busy promoting the new folk album she recorded with City and Colour's Dallas Green. Calling themselves You + Me, their first album, Rose Ave, debuted today. 

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