Friday, 24 October 2014

Nick Cannon Says He and Mariah Carey "Do Everything That We're Supposed to Do Together" for Their Kids

Nick Cannon continues to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of all sorts of personal drama.

"It's one of those things, being someone who is in the public eye, you never want to deal with your personal life in the public eye--but we have to," the actor and America's Got Talent host said during an interview airing Friday on The Meredith Vieira Show, referring to the constant speculation about the seemingly very precarious state of his marriage to Mariah Carey.

"The media, they can say whatever they want to say and obviously, because you are not giving them anything, so they kind of create all these stories and make it way worse than it actually is," Cannon said.

Asked what sort of stuff may be "out there" about him and Carey that isn't true, Cannon cited a rumor that he and his wife were feuding over their eight dogs. (We've been told that Mariah has started the "divorce process," but while Nick has been forthcoming about having marital issues they have not officially confirmed any sort of separation.)

"Its the Jack Russell puppy dispute," the entertainer said. "They just make up all of these things. It's truly just staying focused on family and what's right and getting through these times and doing what's right for the kids, so that's just where we are."

As for the duo's 4-year-old twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, Cannon says that they haven't missed a beat and "are just happy."

"They love mommy, they love daddy," he said. "Being the fact our situation, we have always been people who have been on the go coming and going, their life hasn't changed one bit. We spend holidays together, we do everything that we are supposed to do together as a family.

The twins popularly referred to (thanks to mom and dad) as "dem babies" have been with their mom in Asia, from where Carey has been sharing all sorts of sweet videos and pics of the kids, including one of them learning how to make pizza in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, Nick one day wil presumably give his kids the same piece of advice he had to offer Meredith with regard to tattoos. In case you hadn't heard, Cannon has been in the process of getting his huge "Mariah" tattoo altered into something else.

"It's like a whole work of art, my entire back and my arm and everything," he explained. "I was leaving the gym going into the studio just having had that work done and they [the paparazzi] got me. It's going to be a big reveal, but it's not finished, it's half-way done. It's a lot of pain."

And that's just the physical pain.

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