Thursday, 23 October 2014

Keira Knightley: My Prom Date Was a Girl

It's hard to believe, but Keira Knightley says there were no boys interested in taking her to prom.

So she went with a girl!

"It was a she," the Brit actress says during a game of 20 questions she filmed with her Laggies co-star Sam Rockwell.

Knightley said, "Neither of us got invited by anybody else. No guys came anywhere near us. But she had black tie because it was black tie."

And Knightley has kept in touch with her date. How many of us can say that?

"She actually texted me at lunch," she said. "She is over from New York visiting her mum in England and wondered if I was there to have dinner with her."

In Laggies (in theaters tomorrow), Knightley plays a woman who befriends a high school student (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her father (Rockwell) after she panics when her boyfriend proposes.

Knightley also reveals in the 20 questions that some of her favorite bands in high school included Reef and Nirvana.

"And then who were the ones who did, 'Killing in the name of...F--k you, I won't do what you tell me," she said (and kind of sang), referring to Rage Against the Machine.

"So angry music?" Rockwell asked.

"Yes," Knightley said. "Angry teen music!"

At the end of the 20 questions, Knightley, 29, said she still doesn't feel like an adult. "I mean, when the tax bills comes in that sorts of does it really and trying to figure that stuff out," she said. "Paying bills, that does it."

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