Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Designs $175,000 Louis Vuitton Punching Bag for the Posh Boxer in You.

Million-dollar baby? More like $175,000 baby.

Karl Lagerfeld never fails to come up with some crazy chic concoction--and it usually (scratch that, always) is super, super expensive.

So when we heard Lagerfeld designed a $175K punching bag for Louis Vuitton, we really weren't all that surprised. Karl Lagerfeld + punching bag + thousands of dollars = perfect sense, right?

Our only question is: Who is the target customer for this? A zillionaire who has a lot of steam they need to let off? Typically anything leather with the authentic LV logo emblazoned all over it is something to be treasured and kept in mint condition. So there is something so wrong about beating and punching a $175K Louis Vuitton original into oblivion. 

But, if the price tag seems a little extreme to you--don't worry--it comes with extras! Only 25 of these babies exist, and each punching bag comes complete with a Louis Vuitton logo mat, trunk and a pair of boxing gloves.

T magazine lists the punching bag as "about $175K,"--but the Louis Vuitton website lists it as "Price Upon Request," which we all know translates to, "Most Likely You Can't Afford It."

Ah well, maybe one day we'll strike it super rich, and then we can slip on our Louis Vuitton gloves and box our worries away...to the tune of $175,000. Sigh. One day. 

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