Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ed Sheeran: I Was Never Actually Homeless.

Hold up, everyone. Ed Sheeran wants to set the record straight.

After MTV News premiered an exclusive excerpt from his book, Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey, people began assuming that the singer was homeless for a period of time after hearing that Sheeran "didn't have a place to stay" from 2008 to 2010.

And that's not technically true. He just "went without a bed some nights."

"It's been really taken out of context in press--everyone's saying Ed Sheeran was homeless. I never say that in the book," he told Capital FM. "I went without a bed for some nights, that's it. It's just that I didn't have a place to stay [those nights], so I slept on the Central Line and outside Buckingham Palace. That's just what I did."

Ed does have a song titled "Homeless," though, and that was inspired by those nights outside Buckingham Palace.

"2009 I'd been doing it [playing gigs in London] for about four years. I lost my place to live and just started staying at friends' that I met along the way and it was a very fun time I had a lot of fun," he explained to MTV during his documentary, Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran.

"I met a lot of people that [and] had a lot of experiences that an 18-year-old probably shouldn't have, and when I didn't have a place I would stand onstage and be like, 'If anyone has got a couch tonight,' and it would usually work."

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