Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beyoncé and Jay Z's Mona Lisa Photo Inspires the Internet to Respond the Only Way It Knows How--Memes!

This picture is worth a thousand words--or at least a few memes.

Beyoncé and Jay Z recently took a private tour of the Louvre with their baby girl Blue Ivy while in Paris, and the megastars decided to do what almost every tourist who visits the famous art museum does while there and snapped a picture in front of the historical Mona Lisa painting.

Except it's not just another photo of two people with the iconic Leonardo Da Vinci portrait. It's Bey and Jay. And they were able to get so close.

So, such a historical event clearly got the Internet freaking out a bit, and when the fine people of the web are inspired by something, we all get one thing out of it...memes!

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