Friday, 24 October 2014

An Engagement on The Vampire Diaries?! Our TV Rants and Raves

From a fandom-breaking engagement on The Vampire Diaries (yes, we know it was fake, but just let us have this moment please!), to a heartbreaking miscarriage on Reign to Fitz absolutely beating the snot out of Jake on Scandal, it was quite a shocking night for all our favorite TV characters.

Some of it, we loved (we're lookin' at you, Stelena!), while others had us screaming at our TVs (Fitz! Whaaaat are you doing to Jake's face?!). Check out tonight's Rants and Raves!

RAVE: The Vampire Diaries: Flashbacks to 1994 where the Salvatores rocked flannel shirts and drove vintage cars? Oh yeah, we are so into this decade, especially when it looks this good! Plus, we finally learned the importance of May 10, 1994, aka the day when Damon returned to Mystic Falls to make nice with Stefan after 50 years of no humanity. And it wasn't even Damon's personal hell, it was Kai's, who it turns out is a mass-murdering witch who can steal other witches' powers and killed his own family and got banished to this "prison" by the Gemini coven. Got all that? Phew!

RAVE: The Vampire Diaries: Stelena's engaged! Well, not really, but watching Stefan "Cooper" fake propose to Elena "Williams" was like a Stelena dream come true! Alas, it was all just so Stefan could show Elena his "system" of starting over in a new town with a new life and a new identity and a new "past." But that new life got a little more complicated when Ivy turned up alive and a vampire, since Enzo fed her his blood before killing her!

RANT: The Vampire Diaries: Wasted Jeremy is getting kind of old. Yeah, you miss Bonnie (and so do we!) but time to sober up, kid. And good call, Alaric, for ordering that STD check on the player, since we have no idea where he's been all summer long.

RAVE: The Vampire Diaries: The return of Zach Salvatore, five seasons later! Nice to see you alive and kicking, Uncle/Nephew Zach...too bad we all know that in about 20 years, Damon kills you. And in 1994, he even killed Zach's pregnant girlfriend when Stefan refused to go on a road trip with his newly-nice big bro. Of course, Zach didn't remember that since Stefan compelled him to forget. But turns out, Sarah (the girl Jeremy shacked up with and Elena attacked) is the baby that survived Damon's attack, making her a Salvatore! Twist!

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